Why do you need a community manager for your business?

If you are one of those who believe that the functions of the community manager are limited to publishing on social networks, you are wrong. Many think that they do not need the help of a community manager, because "to put something in social networks once in a while I will do it" or better, "my cousin / friend / neighbor who knows computer science". ERROR

If you have a company and want to get the most out of your online presence, you need the help of a professional community manager. Many companies create a profile on Facebook "because it's what everyone does" but without someone behind to establish a strategy and use that tool effectively the only thing you'll end up doing is wasting your time and your money. With the arrival of the internet we have become accustomed to everything being free, and it is true that opening an account on almost all social networks is free.

Therefore, we tend to be a little careless with them, we do not care much about their management.

We do not realize that our online presence is a reflection of what we are offline, we must take care of our image, be friendly with our customers, publicize our products and / or services and promote our values ​​as we do in our store physical or offices. We have to use social networks as a means to attract future customers and to take care of those we already have.

That's why you need a community manager, because their functions go far beyond uploading a couple of news or cool images. A community manager is a strategist, a creative, has a lot of empathy and is passionate about new technologies. Ahh, and perform more functions than you can imagine ...

12 Functions of the Community Manager

The functions of the community manager are many, but we could say that they are summarized in these 12:

1. Creation of the Social Media Plan

Let's start at the beginning, before opening an account of your company in a social network and put yourself to publish, a community manager should set a plan. You will have to define what your ideal client is, what objectives you are pursuing while in that social network and how much time you are going to be able to dedicate to it, among other things.

As I told you before, it is not a matter of opening accounts on all social networks, adding / tracking the whole world and publishing without control, there must be a behind plan that supports your strategy and gives sense to the presence of your company in social networks.

2. Creation of profiles in the most appropriate Social Networks

Not all social networks fit your business, so among the functions of the community manager is to help you decide which are the most appropriate. Depending on whether you sell women, young people, other companies, etc. your place will be in one social network or another.

3. Know the market

So important that the community manager knows how to use all the necessary tools to create and execute strategies in social media, is that he knows the market where he is at each moment. You have to be able to empathize with your company and your customers to be able to create effective strategies adapted to the needs and peculiarities of each company.

4. Content development and distribution

Once you have performed the above functions, it is time to execute the strategies. To do this, you must search or develop new content related to your sector and help you meet your goals. A professional community manager knows where to find the most suitable content, as well as how to write new texts and create totally new audiovisual material.

It also has to know how to adapt to the specific characteristics of each social network, taking into account the limitations of characters, the optimal means for videos and images, etc.

5. Grow the community

Whatever the goal you pursue when using social networks, among the functions of the community manager is always to grow your community. But not at any price. Prohibited to buy followers and / or fans, do spam and things like that. A professional community manager will know how to act so that your community grows little by little without using tricks that can lead you to receive complaints or serious penalties.

6. Encourage participation

This is another function of the community manager that you should always carry out, whatever your objective may be. Social networks are, after all, a new place in which to exchange information and communicate. Therefore, your brand should speak naturally with its audience, ask questions and respond to their requests. A good community manager will know how to publish the most appropriate contents so that participation increases.

7. Offer customer service

Social networks are an excellent tool to manage the customer service of your company. A professional community manager knows how to deal with the issues and give a quick and adequate response. Many people do not understand the importance of giving good customer service (look at the mobile phone companies ...) but if your customer has a problem and you know how to solve it effectively I am sure it will come back to you.

8. Know how to face a crisis

Many times problems can arise with certain users who take advantage of the anonymity they can find after an account on social networks to insult, criticize your company, etc. Therefore, among the functions of the community manager is also able to deal with this type of users and / or comments that tend to come from people who are not very respectful or even from some companies in the competition.

9. Always be up to date

In social media every day a new tool comes out, there is a change in some social network, new ones appear, etc. A professional community manager is up to date with all the news in order to offer the best service to his clients. This year, without going any further, we have seen how Snapchat has come into our lives, the "reaction of Facebook" has appeared, Fotolog has disappeared and many other novelties. For your company to achieve its goals it is very important that you adapt your strategies to all these changes.

10. Listen to social "noise"

Another function of the community manager is to listen to what they say about your company on the internet. You also have to be able to identify failures in your communication policy to improve them. It is also very important that you know what is said about your competition and that you have controlled the "influencers" of your sector.

11. Analyze the results

Putting strategies into social networks without measuring their impact is how you would do nothing. That is why the community manager has to be an analytical ace. You should review each publication and have the behavior of your audience controlled to know the best days and hours to publish, what types of content generate more engagement, what content you like less, etc.

12. Continuous improvement

Another function of the community manager (I consider it one of the most important) is to implement a work model based on continuous improvement. Not only must be up to date with everything that moves in the world of social networks and pay close attention to analytics, but has to be applied on the fly the changes and improvements deemed most appropriate to do a job every time more effective and help you meet your intended objectives.


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