Why are Marketing Trends important?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

The growth of Instagram and Facebook: both Instagram and Facebook have experienced growth; which is reflected in the increase in the number of users, as well as that of advertisers.

 Without a doubt, both networks have been key to the businesses and companies that use them. This success is due to the fact that both networks have known how to adapt to the demands and needs of the users.

 The success of the videos: the video format was fully accepted by the public during 2018. Given this, the marketers did not wait to implement this strategy.

The most used videos were those of economic version, such as:

The testimonialsInterviewsEphemeralSamples of the product or service, etc.

The preference of the quality of the contents over the quantity. This is because users do not always have enough time to assimilate all published information.

Progress in instant messaging with advertising and marketing objectives. One of the tools used most effectively was WhatsApp.

Strengthening marketing automation. This in order to obtain better results in the processes and strategies developed.

Strengthening of Big Data. Whereas data analysis and user interaction in social media are part of the best rated tools; Big data means great support when brands or companies make sound decisions regarding their marketing plan.

Why is important to know what Marketing Trends are?

As in any area, knowing about your industry trends is paramount. This will give you an advantage in the development of ideal strategies; that adapt to the needs of your company. And with which you can achieve your goals.

Knowing what digital marketing trends are, will allow you to:

-Adapt to consumer behavior; and to the changes that these present before the appearance of new technologies.–Go ahead of your competition.-Determine the most effective strategies for your company.- Adapt more quickly and easily to innovations.-Design a suitable marketing plan; which has the right actions.-Make a marketing budget.

 In this you will determine:

Economic resources.Material resources.The most profitable investments.

What Marketing Trends  can be applied?

Digital marketing trends evolve rapidly; and, for its part, technology is taking more and more space in this area.

So, it's time for you to renew and optimize your strategies with the new trends.

To do this you can apply:

Context Marketing

With context marketing you can obtain information about your users in real time. This technique combines a variety of information related to customers and their context. The context marketing aims to share the ideal content to the right users, at the perfect time.

So it segments both customers and prospects; to provide a connection as personalized as possible.

Benefits of context marketing:

 You can provide more personalized and relevant marketing content. You can customize the offers, according to each consumer. You will identify users when they interact on the different broadcast channels.

For example:

Social networks.

Online stores

Offline points of sale.


Your business will get an increase in KPIs, such as:

The recurrence of purchase.The average expense that users make.The level of recommendation of your customers to new prospects.Empower customers and consumers. Increase user engagement with your brand.

Fast Content

Fast content refers to ephemeral and effective content; whose key is to attract the consumer in a few seconds. This trend synthesizes the information and uses light technology that is user friendly. The content is implemented through microvideos, stories, among other audiovisuals.

This trend is presented as one of the most important trends in digital marketing this year. Before a variable audience and difficult to capture; you must make sure you share information that connects with the client in a few seconds.

For this it is convenient to use original, precise and concise content; always maintaining quality.

Benefits of fast content:

 Promotes the presence of your brand and the CTR. It allows you to share fleeting and ephemeral content, but impressive for users. Use interactive content formats. It is one of the most used strategies and which generates better results.

 For this  make use of:


Microvideos, etc.

You can use this strategy without investing a large amount of resources. Since you can implement it through social networks.

Small data

It is essential for an efficient marketing strategy. The small data is a detailed analysis of the information about the behavior of the user or potential client; which optimizes the results that your business may have.

Through the acquired data your company can establish a closer relationship with your customers. You will also have the possibility to know clearly the wishes and needs of your users; and based on this, apply specialized strategies.

On the other hand, the difference between small data and big data is that the first one provides qualitative data, referring to the feelings, opinions and emotional states of the users; which condition their purchase processes in real time. While the second one, it studies the behaviors and predictive patterns on a large scale.

Benefits of small data:

 You can use it on various channels. For example:

Social networks.


Podscast, etc

It is easy to use, regardless of the size of your company. It has a low cost. Since it focuses on medium and short term objectives. Allows your company to achieve higher levels of productivity and effectiveness. Your clients can be satisfied with the products and services you offer them; and those who finally acquire.

Augmented reality

This technological innovation is no longer limited to movies and video games. At present, it also manages to influence the purchase decision of consumers.

Augmented reality allows interaction between users and a computer system; through which a digital environment is represented.

New companies that want to use this technology are added every day; So they consider it beneficial for their marketing strategies.

Benefits of augmented reality:

 The augmented reality gives the user the possibility of living a complete and unique experience.

 Increase the engagement of users with your brand.

 It reinforces the memory of the brand.

 Use innovative methods that generate expectation in the promotion of products. And, therefore, the interest of your customers and prospects.


Prevent users from forgetting you or motivating undecided people to make a purchase; It is one of the trends that continues to strengthen. Be sure to study the characteristics of your consumers. That way you can design ads tailored to your wishes and needs.

 Retargeting will allow you to reconnect with users who have interacted with your brand at a specific time. This strategy will help you to remind them that you are still there and that you want to make an offer.

Retargeting benefits:

 Retargeting campaigns generate more impact than conventional ones. Arrive effectively to the target audience. Favors the loyalty of your former clients. Help impact on people who previously showed interest in your brand; managing to influence your purchase decision. It allows you to gain greater visibility and increase the number of clicks.It allows you to create and share personalized advertising. This will capture the interest of the right audience.

IGTV on Instagram

Instagram is not only a social network. This platform is considered one of the most effective internet marketing channels.

 In the last months of 2018 the tool launched IGTV; in order to strengthen its prominence.

 IGTV is aimed at mobile users. It offers the possibility to share videos of long format, whose reproduction is vertical.

 With this function, Instagram aims to develop more complex strategies, facilitate navigation and ensure that users spend more time on the social network.

Benefits of IGTV on Instagram: 

-In comparison to the duration of Instagram stories (24 hours), IGTV videos; they remain in the channel until the user decides to delete it manually.- IGTV videos allow you to publish more complete content, in longer format.-Easy approach with your audience and be discovered by new people.-Help create connections with your potential clients.-It gives you the possibility to present your work team. -Relay events, conferences, etc., in which your company has been a part. -It is a window, through which you can present new products or news of your business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been here for some time now; However, it is still a growing trend. This broadens your vision regarding new or future actions that you must develop and is decisive in the results.

 According to data obtained by Focus Research, 75% of companies that use this strategy experience ROI growth after 12 months.

 For its part, Necleus Research, notes that marketing automation reaches:

-A 14.5% increase in sales productivity.-A decrease of 12.2% in general marketing expenses.

 More and more companies are including marketing automation in their strategy. According to Ascend2 for 2016, this trend was already used by 42% of companies..

 Marketing automation is ideal for use in areas such as:

 -Automatic learning about analysis and databases. -Creation of engagement with the product or service you offer. -Automatization of repetitive marketing methods.

 This strategy makes it possible for a company to carry out processes that would naturally be complex and difficult to achieve. Whereas, with automation, timely and efficient results are generated; as well as, you can monitor the processes and have more control.

 Benefits of marketing automation:

 -Reduces staff costs and time.

 -Develop actions:

Lead nurturing: technique aimed at education and maturation of business opportunities; as well as customer loyalty.

Lead scoring: aims to rate the leads that make up a database. This qualification is carried out based on the processes of a buyer person; its degree of proximity, interaction with the company and the stage of purchase in which it is located.

-Your company obtains greater control of marketing actions; And you can monitor your carefully.

-Segment of contacts.

-You can create an image of your brand in different channels.

How to use Marketing Trends in our favor

Having knowledge about marketing trends is very appropriate for your company. Well this will help you gain an advantage over your competition.

In the first instance you can take advantage of it as follows:

Knowing in advance what are the new trends will help you take the lead. So you can take advantage of the changes in your favor, without being caught off guard.Once you are aware of the news; You can devise an action plan that suits your needs.To the extent that you apply the most feasible trends or strategies for your business; You can analyze the results that are generated, based on the reaction of the users.You should keep in mind that trends can vary or innovate during the year. They may even disappear or not achieve the success predicted by experts.

So, make sure you keep up with the information. So if you need to change plans, do it without problem.

Finally, remember that you don't need to apply all the trends. Opt for those that can bring a real benefit to your company.

Final Recommendations

Determine the objectives you want to achieve. This way you will have clarity about the digital marketing trends that can serve you the most. Therefore, if you want to obtain great results, you must ensure that you apply the correct strategies and those that are most convenient for your business.

Before implementing a technique you must take into account the nature of your brand and your audience. Well, this will help you clearly define what you want to achieve and how. Keep in mind that not all digital marketing trends are functional for all companies.


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