Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Instagram is predicted to add 26.9 million users in the U.S. by 2020. That’s far more than Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform tracked. The social network is also enjoying a higher adoption among young adults as well as growing mobile ad revenues. The platform is living its golden age.

Add your location to your stories and Instagram posts to gain local exposure.

This feature gives Instagram users an opportunity to quickly check what’s going on in their chosen location. It has become normal to browse Instagram images during a buyers research phase. If you want your Story to be seen by anyone who’s searching for your location or is in the area, be sure to add location tags to your Stories.

Optimize your bio.

You have 160 characters to attract and convert your potential new followers. If you succeed and manage to tell people what you do, who you are and what drives you in a compelling and personal way, you’ll be picking up new followers every day. Optimize your Bio by adding a CTA with an attractive offer that sends your potential new followers to a landing page.

Add your website and describe what you do.

Add emojis as bullet points to make your Bio more attractive. 

Use less popular hashtags for a chance to trend.

It can be useless to add to your image descriptions the most popular hashtags such as #summer, #love, #dog and so on. It’s true that these hashtags have millions of posts, but they won’t do much for your account’s growth in the long run. What you need are community-oriented, specific hashtags that will drive more engagement and help you build a brand. INK361 is a free tool you can use to find less popular hashtags. Simply search for a term and choose a hashtag to see the search volume. If your account is small, don’t target hashtags bigger than 50,000 in search volume.

Choose your Instagram name wisely.

Pick a keyword or keywords that people will be searching for. That’s why my name on my account is CBD Marketing Spot, which is easy to find and remember.

Join or create a pod.

To beat the algorithm, bloggers, businesses and passionate Instagrammers that have similar audiences are creating private groups known as pods. The goal is to increase engagement and get new followers by getting exposure to the right audience. Once someone in the pod publishes a new post, he or she shares it with the group via a direct message and asks all the other members to like it and comment on it. The genuine comments give the post more weight and generate more engagement.

Organize an exciting giveaway.

A giveaway is an excellent way to grow your mailing list, get new followers, increase community engagement, raise brand awareness or connect with local businesses and like-minded people. Before you start working on a giveaway idea, though, make sure you pick one goal and stick to it!. For a contest to run smoothly, you need to consider things like finding the right theme and hashtags, deciding on an attractive prize, monitoring participant entries, promoting the contest and finally, picking out the winner. Giving away great stuff for free has never let anyone down.


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