Importance of knowing demographics on social media.

It is very important to know for sure how many people (and what people) roam in each social network if you have a company and you are looking for a space in the digital world. It is a bit obvious to clarify that it is convenient to be present in each and every one of them; but knowing specifically the demography of the networks will allow you to create more successful strategies and not spend time or money on social networks that are not suitable for your company.

Roee Ganot, a specialist in social networks in Israel, made a demographic analysis of social networks, that we think is relevant to share and discuss with you. We will talk about how many users have the networks, the predominant age ranges in each one, the different levels of interaction and the growing importance of the videos in social networks.

How many active users does each social network have?

The size of each social network can be measured according to the number of active users. Today, Facebook leads the way with its more than 1,700 million users. Do you know what is the population of China, the country with the largest population in the world? 1,357 million users; Facebook surpasses it by 343 million. A lot.

We know that it is a platform that welcomes us in our most diverse emotional states: from the euphoria and happiness that invades us when wanting to show the photos of our last trip, to that new modality of sadness: scrolling the beginning infinitely.

It is followed by Youtube with more than one billion users who listen to country music, see recipes for Indian food for coeliacs or look for the summary of the semifinal of the 1966 England Soccer World Cup.

The rest of the networks and their number of users: WhatsApp 900 million, LinkedIn 450 million, Instagram 400 million, Google+ 300 million, Flickr 112 million, SnapChat 100 million and MySpace 50 million.

Levels of interaction

Better a bird in hand than a hundred flying.

A large number of users does not guarantee anything if the audience you are targeting does not interact with the posts. Again, Facebook seems to be the leader in this area: users share, like and comment assiduously. Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accompany Facebook within the most active networks in terms of interaction.

The low level of interaction is not necessarily an obstacle to success in a social network. We must be aware of the terrain in which we enter and create a strategy that seeks in advance to supply that scant interaction sine qua non of the platform.

Age groups

The users would seem to move like packs delimited by their age. For example. 90% of Instagram users are under 35

Facebook has ⅓ of users in the age group of 35 to 54 years, and others ⅔ distributed between 18 and 34 years. It is a very well distributed platform.

Some experts estimate that about 70 users over fifty years of age use SnapChat. If your company is a dental prosthesis, it would leave SnapChat a bit relegated.

The relevance of video in social networks

The video format within social networks is increasingly popular; even outside of specific video platforms like YouTube.

Facebook has more than 8,000 million video views per day, and SnapChat 6,000 million (with a tenth of users that Facebook). 75% of users on social networks play videos weekly, and 55% do so daily. The average user spends approximately one hour watching videos per day.

It is essential to create videos for your social network channels, otherwise you will lose a lot of interaction and followers.

Understanding the demographic analysis of social networks will help you create a stronger marketing strategy. It is important to pay attention to the fluctuations and migrations that usually occur when a new social network becomes popular. 

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