How can CBD improve your sexual life?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

There are multiple variables that can affect our sex life. CBD can improve intimate relationships between partners, by reducing stress and pain, while offering calm and mental clarity.

The day-to-day bustle can have an impact on sex life. Unfortunately, people often comment that they experience difficulties in bed. One possible way to help you create a positive sex life is to take the CBD to the bedroom with you.

By not being toxic, CBD is a great stimulant of intimate relationships. There is no need to worry about the dosage and it can be taken at any time. With little quantity one can go very far, and it can be taken in different forms: vaping,creams, flowers or edibles.


CBD is an anxiolytic, so naturally it relieves stress and anxiety. By activating the brain's serotonin receptors, body and mind are flooded with their own antidepressants. The brain also inhibits the release of certain chemicals that produce inflammation, fear and worry. CBD can cause all this without psychoactive effects, leaving the user refreshed but not in the clouds.

There is a series of anecdotal reports of people between 30 and 60 years old, who consume CBD to improve their sexual life:

Men say they have stronger orgasms and more often

Women have less difficulty reaching orgasm

Men and women claim to be more willing to desire sex and be more connected with their partners


The brain has two interconnected systems that regulate sexual desire. The sexual inhibition system (SIS) and the sexual arousal system (SES) interact with each other to get you in tune. The SIS inhibits desire and, when anxiety and stress increase, it is more difficult to reduce the SIS so that the SES can take its place.

CBD reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress. And meanwhile, it allows the user to have a clearer mind. CBD causes in a soft and natural way, to be able to express oneself. This leads to more honest communication between the couple. Increasing this intimate relationship can help stimulate a more potent sexual life due to the activation of the sexual arousal system (SES).


CBD can also help men suffering from erectile dysfunction, caused by weakened blood flow and tissue damage. Some researchers point out that a toxin called dioxin, could possibly influence erectile dysfunction. This toxin accumulates in the body over time, due to food and environmental exposure. CBD helps to expel dioxins from the body and inhibits their accumulation in fat cells.

In situations where CBD is combined with THC, THC can dominate with respect to CBD, with a negative effect on erectile dysfunction. So for those who suffer from this problem, consuming varieties with high CBD content, or pure CBD, can have many advantages.


Some people may suffer pain when they have sex. Women who use balms or creams with high concentrations of CBD have a more comfortable experience, due to better blood flow and increased lubrication. Women who are going through menopause comment that they use CBD oil for these same reasons.

The CBD is not only beneficial for those who suffer pain during sex, but also for those who suffer chronic pain, although for other reasons. Reducing inflammation and increasing serotonin helps the body relax and feel at the top.


What varieties are recommended to increase the consumption of CBD and promote a positive sexual life? There are some to consider. The Royal Highness is the result of the crossing between two incredible varieties, the Respect and the Dance Hall. It is a hybrid with high content in CBD, which provides energy during the day without psychoactive effects.

CBD Jam is a recognized CBD variety; a balanced 50/50 hybrid, product of the cross between Critical Mass and Lavender. Known for its incredible pineapple flavor, this variety causes a calm and relaxed body buzz, with an exceptional concentration. 

Candida (CD-1) results from the merger between two of the most extraordinary varieties with CBD, the ACDC and the Harlequin. This variety contains up to 20% CBD, with the minimum THC. Candida is also a balanced hybrid. With these fantastic varieties, you can improve your concentration and feel a greater tranquility during the day (and night).


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