Updated: Aug 3, 2019

There are many benefits of CBD Oil and Hemp Gummies, but including regular, full spectrum hemp oil into your diet can also be done quickly by purchasing either a sublingual full spectrum hemp oil or regular hemp seed oil. There are a wide variety of uses for hemp oil, and not only can hemp oil be used for relieving pain and anxiety, but hemp oil can be incredibly beneficial for hair, acne, and general good skin as well as heart health.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is derived from the seed of the hemp plant (full spectrum hemp oil is derived from the entire plant) and is unusually high in antioxidants, Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, essential amino acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and folate. Hemp oilis known for a nutty flavor that works great in cooking, mainly as a substitute for olive oil.

Benefits of Hemp Oil can include:

Stress and Anxiety have been shown to be eased through regular use of hemp oil. This is perhaps because hemp is a beautiful hormone regulator, and can stimulate the release of pleasure hormones.

Hemp oil is also known to increase a users metabolism. This is again probably because of its efficiency as a hormone regulator, and can even reduce appetite.

Because of Hemp’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, it’s been shown to decrease symptoms of Asthma and has been used for that purpose for hundreds of years.

Again, the anti-inflammatory nature of hemp can also help in decreasing pain, mainly when the pain is from inflammatory conditions, including Crohn’s Disease, arthritis, and general chronic pain related to inflammation.

Heart Health can be improved by replacing other oils and fats, particularly animal-based fats, with hemp oil. It’s shallow in fat and contains almost no saturated fats which are agreed to be the culprit of weak hearts.

Hemp has been shown to slow down or prevent the growth of cancer cells, including triggering cancer cell death, avoiding the division of cells, and preventing new blood vessels from becoming tumors (although these effects are far more pronounced with THC, which hemp oil does not contain).

When applied topically to the skin, hemp oil can cause dead skin cells to shed and increase lipid production in the surface, which is particularly helpful for conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. As hemp oil is naturally high in antioxidants, it may also reduce or prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Hemp oil is particularly helpful for use on hair. It’s been shown to nourish the scalp, strengthen both hair and follicles, and stimulate new hair growth due to the high content of Fatty Acids.

How To Use Hemp Oil

First of all, you should note a few facts about hemp oil. First of all, most hemp oils are a dark, olive green color, unlike most other cooking oils. Like it’s color, it’s flavor is also rich and unusual. The flavor is very nutty and earthy, and many people may take a minute to get used to the flavor. If you are using it as a substitute for olive oil, you may want to consider what type of recipes you are making and whether or not they will fit the rich flavor profile of hemp oil.

For topical use, you can apply directly on your skin or any affected area – many use it for rashes as well as acne. Some people choose to add it to their cosmetics and lotions, or you can even buy products with hemp oil already included. As hemp seeds and hemp oil are an effective moisturizer, you can use it to plump your skin by applying topically under your regular moisturizer or instead of your regular moisturizer. It should also be noted that ingesting hemp oil can drastically improve the appearance, softness, and firmness of both skin and hair.

Where To Buy Hemp Oil

Hemp oil and hemp oil products are legal in all 50 States. As it is a specialty product, however, it may not be readily available at a non-health food store, You may have to look into visiting a specialty store, health food store, or ORDER ONLINE.


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