Benefits of Professional Social media Marketing.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Companies interested in increasing the visibility of their businesses are turning to Social Media to complete their digital strategy. This medium is being keyed in the digital marketing strategy of any company, be it a purely online business, or physical. However, few people really take advantage of this channel and know the innumerable advantages of social networks for companies and how those contribute to their strategy.

10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Companies:

1. Increase in visibility and brand image

A large part of your potential customers has a profile in one of the main social networks and every day they make more than 500 million Tuits, 4.500 million Facebook "Like" and share 95 million videos and photos on Instagram.

The presence of a company in social media will help to increase the reach of their marketing actions, reaching a large volume of potential customers that by traditional means would have been complicated and expensive to achieve.

In addition, on social media is easy to viralize good content, making them reach a large volume of users at a minimum cost.

2. Improve the online reputation of your business

Social media is more than a profile of your business and a showcase for your products, they must respect the corporate image, support the values ​​of the brand and have good customer service, as they are the ideal channel to meet the needs of your customers and get in touch with them.

The presence in social media will improve the image of the brand if we carry out good management of this channel, we upload interesting contents for the users, we are creative and we solve the doubts and queries of the users in a fast and friendly way. We must bear in mind that the primary objective of social media is to facilitate and help the members of our community, not to convert our profile into a product catalog.

Content for social networks plays an important role to enhance the reputation of our business and increase visibility through viralization. Take care that your content tells the story of your brand, be unique, personalized, creative and be the content that your customers want to share on the networks. It is essential to have a content strategy to never run out of good content to share with our customers.

3. They facilitate communication between the company and customers

Social media is the perfect channel to have direct and immediate communication with our customers. Many companies consider that having a large community of followers in networks implies having good management of them. However, size is not a very significant value of performance. To get the most out of your community, it must be composed of active users, who share and interact with the content.

This is where the community manager comes in, the person responsible for building, managing and keeping active the online community. Among its multiple tasks, it must encourage interaction with the published content and perform the task of mediator between the community and the brand. When a good community is created in networks, the task of the community manager becomes more an observer and moderator, since it is the users themselves who interact with each other in favor and defense of the brand.

In addition, it must be guaranteed that the different social networks for companies are constantly attended. The comments of the users must be answered in time, especially the negative ones so that they do not become authentic crises that could affect our brand reputation.

4. Know your customers better

Before creating a corporate profile in one of the main social media, we must make sure that our audience is there. For this we must study the profile of our customers and see what networks they interact with, to carefully choose the best social network to carry out communication actions of our business.

Once the networks where we have to be present have been chosen, we have to adapt the content in format and tone to each social network.

5. Creation of advertising campaigns on social networks

Social media is a fantastic medium for advertising campaigns due to its low cost in relation to the results achieved. The fundamental success of the campaigns in networks is due to the segmentation that can be made in the main social media, especially in Facebook, where the campaigns can be segmented by age, sex, geographical location, profession, tastes, hobbies, interests, pages to those that follow, among others.

Between the types of campaigns more used in networks they are: the promoted contents, the raffles, download of an ebook and the direct publicity. However, social media provide us with a wide range of possibilities to reach our audience.

Advertising on social networks enhances the rest of digital actions, providing them with greater impact and visibility.

6. Monitoring of results

Likewise, social media provide us with a great variety of data with which to monitor and control the scope of all the actions carried out, both in our payment campaigns on networks and in our organic publications.

With these data, we will establish objectives of reach and interaction with the users, we will improve the published contents until they reach the objectives established in our social media strategy.

7. Promote products or services

Social media can be a good showcase to promote your products and services. However, there are many who get carried away and convert their profiles into social media in a space where they only show products and offers, losing the meaning and value that social media has for users and generating a bad brand image. We must not lose sight of the objective and the advantages of social networks for companies, which is none other than to create a community of users interested in our brand, get in direct contact with them, provide valuable content and meet their needs.

8. Customer loyalty

Social media is the most appropriate channel to build customer loyalty and make them brand ambassadors. This is the great challenge of social media professionals. This type of clients will recommend our brand before the competition, participate actively interacting with our content and defending the brand before other users of the networks if necessary.

It is essential to take care of and pamper this type of clients since it is the one that will help our community grow and achieve the goals we have established. For this, we must have a close deal with them and thank them for all the actions they take to benefit our brand.

9. Capture traffic to the website or corporate blog

One of the advantages of social networks for companies is to share on them the content created on the website or corporate blog. With this, we generate traffic to the web. So not only share your posts in your profile but facilitate the task to users and incorporate in your website or corporate blog sharing icons in the main social media.

10. They allow studying the competition

Another advantage of social networks for companies is to easily detect who your competitors are and study what they have done or are doing.

You will be able to detect what actions are being carried out in networks, what types of content they share and which are the most successful, in which moments they publish and above all, detect possible errors, to learn from their experience. If you are very observant and do a good study, you can develop a better strategy in networks than your competition.

Challenges of Social Networks for Businesses:

We should not fall into the idea that the management of social networks for businesses hardly involve effort since we can find ourselves with the following challenges:

The need to have professional profiles, community manager and campaign manager in different social media.

Have personalized content, adapted to the brand and what users like.

Social media are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we must have continuous management of them to respond quickly to users and provide them with good service.

We must be prepared for the possible crises that may arise, derived from negative comments without answering or users angry with the brand.

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